Friday, March 11, 2011

Cacao Tree Cafe Royal Oak Review

I FINALLY made it in to the Cacao Tree Cafe in Royal Oak, and I'm so glad that I stopped in! I just haven't been out in the Royal Oak area in awhile, and I'm not a big fan of parking in downtowns. (parallel parking and parking garages give me mild panic attacks, lol) If I can manage it by myself, than you can too. Don't let the parking stop you from visiting. I passed the place up a couple of times before I saw it (and I have been to the Tasi juice bar that was at that location previously!) because it's very small. It's right after the train tracks, and before Noir Leather.(Which has a huge sign, and hard to miss.) There is a parking garage right by, and that's nice because Royal Oak was crowded at lunch time. I had to park on the top of the parking garage, but at least I found a place. (they could label the exits and direction in the parking garage a bit better though!) Parking was free for two hours before 5 pm, which is a bonus as well. Inside, it is very nicely decorated and fun! It's crowded, and I had people cutting in front of me, and kids climbing all over me as well (who, by the way, had the same name as me. Weird.Lol.)The people working were very friendly and happy. You can tell they really enjoy what they do. The food was amazing! I wish my camera phone was working so you could see what I had, but it wouldn't do it justice anyways! I had a tostada, and the crackers were amazing.(and I've been to a LOT of raw food restaurants that mess up the flavor of dehydrated crackers) The ingredients were fresh and crisp. My smoothie was great, and I had the BEST EVER blueberry cheesecake. Oh man, I wish I had the talent for making this stuff! It was sooo good! My only complaints about the place? There were too many great options(I wanted to spend $100 here!), and that they were closer to my home!! So, those aren't really complaints. There were no negatives at all. Yes, it's crowded and small...but well worth it, in my opinion. Prices were a little high, but that's expected with raw food and fresh get what you pay for, and every penny is worth it here. In fact, you pay more,but you will be less hungry later. All I have had today was lunch at Cacao Tree Cafe and I am not hungry still, 8 hours later. When you eat healthy, fresh food you eat less. So, the prices were about what you would expect for the type of food they offered. I wish they had a menu online, but I am guessing they probably change it often. They had a lot of daily specials. So, I will let you just stop in and find out what they won't be disappointed! Oh, and I heard the owner mention that they will be selling some of their food in the Total Health Food Store in Wyandotte, Mi. I am super excited about that! Definitely stop in, even if you aren't near Royal Oak. It's worth the trip! There are so few places like this in Michigan (although there are more being added each year) and it's a unique place to check out.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try this place out!!! Maybe on a date night with hubby!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just sent you an email-I hope you get it!!! :)