Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who manifested the Economy?

I'm so sick of hearing how bad the economy is! I can only say this though because I learned from personal experience how futile it is to think the economy is bad. Back in 2001, after the tragedy on September 11th, I was very negative. I think I was harder hit than a lot of people in Michigan because I knew a lot of people in NYC, and also had a very, VERY close friend directly impacted. Not that it wasn't a horrible situation for other people in Michigan, or that I was the only one who knew somebody, but I knew multiple people and also one very important person in my life. I also worked in an industry (TV Production) that at the time, had limited jobs to begin with. I predicted this negative economy long before any of my friends took it seriously. I couldn't understand why nobody else noticed the economy was going to fall apart, and that they weren't panicked about it! BUT I did start to notice something else...there were some of my friends who were doing really, really WELL. Despite how bad things were becoming for everybody, they still did good financially. In fact, they were doing GREAT. It was as if they lived in a separate country! At first, this annoyed me, but then I started to feel silly. I realized that the economy was only bad in MY MIND. I know, I know, the economy still IS bad. What I found was far more worse though, was MY ATTITUDE. That was what was holding me back-not the economy itself! I couldn't see the NEW opportunities, and passed them up because of my defeatist attitude. I was reminded of this today by a quick email and report I received in my email, and I wanted to share it with you. The only thing about it that I don't understand is it said you need specific knowledge to prosper in bad economic times-but this report didn't say WHAT that knowledge was ;) But you can be sure I will be studying the people they mentioned who prospered during the Great Depression-and looking for more people like them! I hope this report inspires you like it did me:

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