Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine flu...

Now, I'm not one to jump on the fear mongering band wagon. I worked in TV news for three years, and let me tell ya, if it's not swine flu, there are a million other things you should be worried about...if you really wanna worry about something! Most "flu's" passed, and no global pandemic's occured. However, with the current delicate state of our economy, I am a bit more concerned now. When I read reports that a swine flu pandemic would cause food shortages, and our economy to crash more quickly (is that even possible? lol), I was worried. I mean, it seems like the perfect set-up, doesn't it? The perfect excuse to bring our economy down to no return. Then I found an article that it is not even really swine flu but a mixture of avian, human AND swine flu. Hmmm, unless a bird-pig-human mutant got some crazy case of the flu, I'm guessing this was created in a lab? I also read that the Spanish flu, which seems similiar, killed the people who had a healthy immune system (Look at Roosevelt...he had tons of health issues, and he survived!Just one example, for you!) Soo, so much for protecting yourself against it by eating healthy! Ok, fear mongering aside, I wanted to share some more positive information (although call me negative but if there WAS a pandemic, I think I'd rather die then survive and live in the economic and emotional aftermath..but thank God there are people who are survivors-I'm more of a FIGHTER...not a survivor. I am a protector if that makes any sense...but once the fight is over, my job is done!) First of all, if you are concerned or get the flu, go to a HOMEOPATHIC doctor. NOT A REGULAR DOCTOR. I repeat, FIND A GOOD HOMEOPATHIC doctor. You should do this anyways-swine flu mutant thing or not. Homeopathic doctors had a 1% death rate during the Spanish flu. And besides, Doctors always make me more sick (unless I was in a car accident or something-then I would go to the Emergency Room Doctor! lol) I also have MMS miracle cure in my house. When I tried it out, and was done with it, my mom asked if we should throw it out, and I said no because it is a really unique product. I think it's good though to have something like that just in case. My experience and review of MMS is it made me feel better, BUT I wasn't sick at the time, so I couldn't justify the potential damage it could also cause in the long term if I took it on a regular basis. I think MMS should only be taken in extreme cases-it kills off all the bad stuff, and while people claim that it doesn't kill anything good also...I'm not buying it yet-plus I don't know enough about science to make an educated opinion on the counterpoints to the founder of MMS's scientific backing of it. If I had the swine flu and everyone around me was dying...I'd say a little bit of MMS miracle would be worth it. In other words, I don't think the damage of the MMS miracle cure is as bad as the damage of some deadly strain of the swine flu. I think MMS miracle cure is ok in small doses, and if you have an extreme situation. Plus, having it makes me feel better, and we all know having a positive attitude is one of the best natural remedies out there! If you are in Michigan you can get MMS miracle cure at Zerbos in Livonia. If you aren't, you can order it online. Oh yeah, and eating pork doesn't supposedly cause swine flu, just in case any of you raw foodists/vegans were wondering :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am also from Michigan and know Zerbo's well. MMS is a great thing to have. Nascent iodine and
Lugol's solution are great products to have around. I would think that Thieves Oil, under the nose, whenever one goes out would also help to keep this virus at bay. I smell the government and big
pharma in all of this. Do we even
know if the pictures of Mexico are really Mexico. I just have a lot of
problems believing our news media and the government.

Cyndi said...

MMS is great! We have personally heard many testimonials and have used it for many things with our family of 5. Watch the video, Understanding MMS from to get the full picture. A full article archive is here: and an article on how to use if for Swine Flu is here: