Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Raw Cafe Detroit Review

I'm very excited to have found the Raw Cafe in Detroit. It's a lot closer than the Cacao Tree in Royal Oak for me, although they are both great. In fact, the owner of the Cacao Tree is the one who told me about the Detroit restaurant since I said it was a bit of a drive for me.

The outside is really nice, and it's easy to find parking too. (although I had to pass a homeless guy, who thankfully didn't bother us. I'm not passing judgements, just some can get scary. I wish I could help everyone who asks, but I just can't and that bothers me.)

The inside is beautiful, and the food was really good. I am embarrassed to admit that I was in such a hurry to get back home to work that I actually forgot to tip! I have never forgotten to tip before!

Ahh, well when I go back I will make sure to tip extra. We only got take out, but still, I feel a tip would have been appropriate and I want to help support raw food restaurants.

I got a lasagna and an amazing raw cheesecake,and some ginger carrot juice. I also found this wrap, but I didn't order it. I discovered it when I got home. Not sure if it was a mistake or something they throw in with your meal, but it was pretty good also.

Anyways, if you get a chance to check out this restaurant please do. It's a great alternative for those of us who can't get out to Royal Oak and also a nice place to go out to eat if you are in downtown Detroit. Their food is amazing, the restaurant is decorated very nice and the staff was super friendly. What more can you ask for? I only wish their hours were a later because they are closed by the time I get off work, but I think their summer hours will be a little later according to their website.


Anonymous said...

I so want to go there!!! YUM!!!

Luke said...


You may also want to check out the raw food cafe in Hamtramck, at the Detroit Zen Center. They are only open on the weekends, and it's both the food and atmosphere that make it worth a visit. Here is their website: