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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tooth Soap and Juice Fast (Feasting) Update!

I have been using tooth soap for awhile now, and had to update on it! I have also stopped using tap water, and added in vitamin c and baking soda like the tooth soap regime recommends (among other things you can read about in their helpful book) I think because I ordered so much they threw in the book with my order :)

Just wanted to report my teeth and gums have never felt better! I wish I would have found out about tooth soap sooner, seriously!

I still swish with water afterwards, but my teeth feel so clean now that it's hardly needed.

I'm on day 9 of a juice feast! If you know anything about juice feasting you know your tongue can get coated as you detox, and it's pretty disgusting! So far that's my biggest complaint, although it's not that bad since I have lost 9 lbs and feel amazing! I have been using tooth soap tooth swish I'm really glad I bought that in addition to the soap, since it makes my mouth feel a lot better. I think it works because of the natural salt in it promotes saliva production. If you suffer from dry mouth, it's a really great product to have! It tasted a little funny at first, but I like it so much now.

I guess I should have started updating about my juice feasting sooner, but when I started it I had no idea if I would last or not. It seems when I tell people too early, I give in. is a great site for support and information on juice feasting. I don't think you need all of the extra supplements and stuff, but I already did most of them anyways, and that seems to be helping (msm, rebounding, dry skin brushing, spirulina, etc.)

I think the best part about juice feasting so far though is my cravings seem to have changed! I am now craving healthy food only, and not junk food. It's really amazing. I feel like my entire body chemistry is resetting! I recommend it if you want to jump start your metabolism, or help your body heal from any type of illness or injury. I know you won't regret it!

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