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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Homegrown Organic Eatery and Small Planet in Traverse City, MI

I recently went to Traverse City, Michigan and was happy to see they had an organic restaurant. It was right near the end of downtown, and conveniently located across from the beach so we ate our food outside! The sandwiches were REALLY good, and they gave free filtered water. The chips were good too, and I liked the dip, although not sure what it was? I'm going to guess some kind of bean dip! It was also nice how when you order (I told them it was our first time there) they told us that they have 95% organic food. I always wonder what the percentage is when I go to health food stores, and here they just come out and tell you! I like that they weren't trying to hide it-and I think 95% organic is an excellent accomplishment!Despite their stereotypical hippy stuff (tofu, tie die shirts, and save the ethiopian chidren) I actually liked the vibe in there. It was very relaxed, and everyone was friendly. (sorry to use that term, but I've had bad experiences with "health food hippies.")I remembered there was an organic restaurant in Traverse City, but didn't know where it was...and I actually used to find it in the directory :) I guess my website is helpful sometimes, lol. Sadly, it was spelled wrong, but I think you get the idea if you click on it lol I have called the hosting company (godaddy) and they fixed it...but the it went right back to messing up again! So, I guess it will stay messed up for a little longer! :( The website for the restaurant is home grown organic eatery.

Another fun place (that gave us better diretions than mapquest!) was Small Planet. They had a lot of really interesting things, like organic cotton clothes, and shea butter. Very friendly people, and a nice store. I definitely recommend checking them out, but if you can't get to Traverse City their website is here: Small Planet

I love Traverse City! If you travel down the roads to the vineyards, there are a ton of fruit (and some vegetable) stands! It would be really easy to be a raw foodist there in the summer...not so sure about the winter though! :)


Olique Estefan said...

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Alison said...

Thank you! :)