Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living without money...

I just read a really interesting article on a man who has been living without money since 2000. I find it fascinating as I think the way we live is so out of touch with how things should be. One thing that bothers me is he does use some things that require money to maintain (i.e. writing a blog at a library that costs money, and of course the people who put together all of the blogging programs.) Yet, just because he uses things without paying for them, isn't really bad. If there was a way to create things like libraries and blogs without having to pay people for their work in money, that would be great-yet, I wonder how motivated we would be to achieve great things if it weren't for money? I can't really know, since I've never experienced a world without money. I wouldn't mind seeing a world where people used their talents and time to help others just for the value it brought the word, and not for their own personal gain to buy more useless objects. Anyways, check out Dan's blog

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