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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Raw Food for Beginners in Troy, MI! Crazy Yummy Raw!

Hey there everyone! I've been having great results with the Jose Silva Ultra Mind! I just feel much more intuitive! I don't really know my life "purpose" yet, but I do feel closer :) And Zerbo's has a ton more raw food products! I really liked the new raw food bars. Also, Sara Osborn let me know about some raw food classes she is doing, and you should check it out if you are in the area! Sara seems really nice, and I know you will have a great time and learn a lot from her!(Not to mention, how cool is the name Crazy Yummy Raw?!) Here is some more info:

Raw Food for Beginners Class in Troy

Fun, educational and interactive approach to vital health through the healing power of raw food

Crazy Yummy Raw in Troy will be offering a one-day workshop, from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., March 28, at 330 East Maple Road, Suite P, in Troy. If you have been looking to go or are looking to recommit to staying raw this is a workshop for you.

This class conducted by Sara Osborn, will cover the benefits of a raw diet can have to achieve ideal weight, improve health, gain clarity and brighten your mood. Sara herself was once depressed, cynical and had a negative outlook on just about everything. Now she’s thinner, happy, and vibrant.

According to Sara Osborn the class will incorporate what to expect when you go raw, how to transition safely and sensibly, how to learn to eat intuitively, cover the raw food groups, how to get the best produce no matter where you live, what a typical raw kitchen would contain, how to use equipment, how to sprout seeds and wheatgrass. And the day will include the preparing 20+ raw food recipes including; raw veggie-nut burgers, pizza, soups, nut milks, smoothies, flax crackers, breakfasts, dehydrated treats, raw vegan ice-cream and much more.

The raw food diet is a living food vegan diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seed, and sprouts. Raw food cuisine is better nutritionally because cooking depletes vitamins and minerals, damages proteins and fats, destroys enzymes that benefit digestion. Raw food can have faster prep, be more flavorful and faster to clean up than cooked food. But best of all raw diet can reverse chronic disease, protect you from colds and flu, and helps maintain a healthy body.

The cost of the one day class is $118, which includes an education on the benefits of going raw, a lunch and tastings throughout the day, a goodie bag and a coaching session to help you stay raw.

The details of the class are below

This class will cover:

* Why raw?
* What to expect when you go raw
* How to transition safely and sensibly
* Why you need to learn how to eat intuitively
* What’s raw? Taking a look at the 20+ raw food groups
* Where to buy or obtain the best produce no matter where you live
* What a typical raw kitchen would contain - ingredients and equipment
* How to use a juicer, blender, food processor etc., to best effect
* How to use a dehydrator
* How to sprout seeds and beans, plus how to grow wheatgrass and sunflower greens
* How to make raw food delights such as raw veggie-nut burgers, pizza, soups, nut milks, smoothies, flax crackers, breakfasts, dehydrated treats, raw vegan ice-cream and much more.
* PLUS Q & A session

What’s included?

* 1 full day of teaching from 10:30am - 5:00pm (value $90)
* The opportunity for you to have a go at making one of the recipes live in front of the group with instruction from Sara
* Tastings throughout the day of each recipe (value $30)
* A substantial lunch featuring Karen’s famous raw food pizza (value $10)
* A Raw Food for Beginners recipe packet and class notes to take away with you (value $10)
* FREE BONUS - Receive a bag of Sara’s favorite sprouts so you can start sprouting when you get home. Also receive the sprout reference start guide, and sprout easy tracker PDF (value $30)
* FREE BONUS - A 30 minute one on one coaching call with Sara within two weeks of the class, so you can ask any follow up questions, get advice on issues, or share your successes (value $50)

If you’ve had enough of having low energy, feeling overweight, nagging health issues, or feeling less than your best self, this class could be the thing that changes it all for you.

If not now, then when?

Get ready to look better and feel better, lose weight, gain energy, and have a great day out among like minded people in a fun friendly environment with great tasting food.

It is YOUR time to improve your health, energy and spirit - Here's what to do!

Don't delay.

Secure your spot now!

Space is limited only 6 spaces available.

Simply click on the button below.

The class fee is just $118 per person and covers all of the above representing an excellent value for money.

To register, call 248-585-0428 or visit

Sara also runs a monthly potluck on the Troy, Clawson, Royal Oak border on the third Saturday of the month.
More information on that go to....

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