Saturday, April 3, 2010

Watch this movie before it becomes illegal!!

I have been telling people for years that soybeans are almost all genetically modified-even organic. Yet, people still think soy is healthy! I have been telling people since I was 12 that tap water is bad, yet finally it's starting to come to light that chemicals and medications are in high amounts in our water supply. If you think the government or the food industry (and they are the same people) give a crap about your safety, you are naive and misinformed. They care about MONEY. Not you. YOU, however, buy the food! If you stop buying it, if farmers stop making this food (yes, they will get sued-but if everybody worked together instead of just giving in-they would have nobody to make the crops!) Please, stop this madness!! If it costs you more to eat healthy, who cares? If every last cent of your extra money goes to healthy food, than GOOD!(I know it is a struggle for me also) You may not ALWAYS be able to purchase the best food, but the majority should be!! Every bit helps!Food is one of the single most important things you can buy! Anyways, enough of my preaching, I will post the link for the video soon. I just want to add that yes, this movie is from a site that puts movies up for free. I would much rather that everybody pay to watch this movie, but I think it is too important of a movie to let somebody who can't afford to buy it NOT see it. I worked in TV for ten years, so while I don't advocate taking $ from people who make an actual GOOD movie like this, it's not about the $-it's the MESSAGE. If you can afford to donate to the makers of the movie, great. If not, watch the link I provided-and like they say in the three times a day for better food! (with the brands and foods your purchase!) Here is the movie: Watch "Food, Inc." Movie

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